Hospital Centro Ginecológico

We are leaders in hospital service and professional care, we strive to maintain the human and professional quality of each of the people who work at the Centro Ginecológico Hospital . We are proud to be that great Salvadorean family dedicated to specialized care...

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¿Are you scheduled to be hospitalized with us?

Get to know our Prenatal plans.

Hospital Centro Ginecológico offers prepaid plan alternatives for the arrival of your baby. Learn about our plans for:

The fees are established from the first month to 34 weeks of pregnancy. The plan must be canceled one month in advance of the expected due date...

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COVID-19 contingency plan: Control and Access Measures

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Centro Ginecológico Services

Centro de Imagenología

El Hospital Centro Ginecológico, has an Imaging Unit.

Centro Ginecologico Laboratory

It is a leader in the provision of services in the clinical laboratory area.

External Consultation

It offers the services of: Gynecological consultation, Cytology, Colposcopy, Cryotherapy...


In our facilities you can perform: Ambulatory surgery, General, Pediatric Surgery


In our hospital we offer Obstetric and Pediatric emergency services...

BONIFER In Vitro Fertilization Center

The In Vitro Fertilization Clinic, a pioneer in the area of Infertility in El Salvador, was founded by Dr. Jose Roberto Bonilla in 1988, transforming in 2011 at the Central American level into the first BONIFER In Vitro Fertilization Center, with state-of-the-art technology, new cutting-edge techniques and procedures...

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Perfiles de Control de Evolución de COVID-19

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Topics of interest

¿What is the utility of Genetic Studies in medicine?

At present it is difficult to classify medicine as an exact science, due to the complexity of our organism many diseases are presented in the same way and with the same characteristics. As human beings we need high technology to be able to see inside our own organs and cells, which can be altered at…

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Knowing that you are pregnant is one of the blessings that many women yearns to have, that is why at this stage of your life requires a lot of care on your part within which is that you attend to register for your prenatal control and that you take exams of check Ultrasound as such,…

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I’m pregnant and I think that ZIKA could have given me?

Our country is among the countries where there is little control of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the transmitter of Dengue virus, Chikungunya and Zika. In this sense we should be guided in the prevention of the sting of the mosquito. The symptoms of Zika are very nonspecific and can be confused by other…

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